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Welcome to the new collection​ of​ 24" porcelain dolls!

24" Doll Collection

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"I continue to strive on creating dolls that connect with people and maybe tug on their heart strings a little."​

Yoli's dolls comes with a brand tag, a production number, the Artist's name, number, and logo to establish the lineage, value, and authenticity of this finest of the Handcrafted Persian Porcelain Dolls available.


Yoli's dolls will be packaged in exquisite gift boxes and each box will contain a unique and meaningful story of Norouz and Haft Seen.


This collection carry a special message attached to their hands saying,

“May this doll bring love, health, peace and prosperity into your home”

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(All Sold out. New Coming Soon!)

Please contact me through email or phone for prices.

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