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Handmade Dolls usually represent a nation. They represent the confluence of the nation’s different ages, time and culture. Handmade dolls made of many different materials have been in existence for a long time. There is evidence of handmade dolls made in ancient Egypt. Most of the handmade dolls made the world over lack sophistication and realism. However, these handmade dolls do portray human life as realistically as can be done with dolls.If the handmade dolls are made of cloth, then the cloth body parts are stitched and stuffed with synthetic cotton, with a metal frame providing the body structure. The faces also are made of cloth with synthetic cotton stuffing. The facial features of the handmade dolls are usually painstakingly painted by hand. All limbs, fingers, and toes are stitched separately, to provide for more realistic depiction of gestures. Clothing and accessories are also stitched or prepared by hand.

  • These handmade dolls are usually paragons of beauty.​ 

  • Through any collection of handmade dolls that have been made by Yolanda, you

Can acquaint yourself with the art and culture of each region of Persia (Iran).

  •  The face, hands & legs are porcelain and the body is padded.



Yoli's handmade dolls will be a treasure to pass from mother to daughter for generations to come.

Yoli's dolls, Ethnic persian dolls handmade
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