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About the Artist

Yoli's dolls, Ethnic persian dolls about

In March of 2004, Yolanda’s background in design united the designer’s trait of mysticism, cultural background, and infinite hunger for expressing her emotions. From that, an idea blossomed. Hence, she learned to express herself in a tangible form.


Yolanda is an interior designer currently residing in Los Angeles. Since then, she has been creating porcelain and vinyl dolls. It all began at her home in Brentwood. It is her ambition to capture the natural expression, and gestures of her ancient people. Her love for antiques and vintage dolls provide the inspiration for her creations. Yolanda Sadighpour Moradzadeh is the founder and creative force behind each of the unique handcrafted ethnic Persian Dolls produced by her Los Angeles based firm, Yoli’s Dolls.


     Born in Kermanshah, Iran, Yolanda developed her unique design talents at San Diego State University where she majored in Interior and Graphic Design. Although she had worked as a freelance Graphic and Interior designer for many years, Yolanda developed a passion for creating and designing during her early days in college. Missing her hometown in Iran, she began to design dolls that resembled the various villages that she remembered visiting as a child. It was in this manner that she began to see Iran as something she could touch and feel, and be close to again. After immersing herself in the creation of these dolls, she felt that she was not just representing herself, or her family, but an entire country.

Yoli's dolls, Ethnic persian dolls portrait

“What Inspires The Artist”


Yolanda expresses, “I believe creating brings happiness to a person whether it is a sculpture, painting, or a piece of music. My wish is that everyone finds the thing that they love to do so that they may create the sense of happiness that I get with each doll that I make.”


She also says, “I continue to strive on creating dolls that connect with people and maybe tug on their heart strings a little."

As a Professional Artist, “I can assure that none of my dolls are mass-produced by who knows how many hands overseas. I Professionally and Individually hand craft each one myself, using the best materials to ensure that you will have a doll you'll be proud of and that will last a lifetime.”

  With every doll, she attempts to reproduce the feelings and moods of the ethnic people who live in villages and to highlight the characteristics of different nationalities. Although she thoroughly enjoys exploring the many cultures existing in the city of angels, she is no stranger to cultural diversity.


     She uses traditional and reproduction fabrics that go through an additional “aging” process. Many of the trims come from vintage petticoats, old button collections and antique ribbons and laces. She collects scraps of beautiful antique brocade fabrics at flea markets, quilter's remnants including gorgeous hand dyed fabrics.


     Fantasy allows her to use every inch of her imagination; to her that is freedom. She can get lost for hours in the making of her unique dolls.


     “I realized that my own small existence was part of something grand and magnificent, and that everything I had known until now was but a small part of the very long and significant part of the Persian History. I can make something I see in my mind become reality which is a source of un-ending joy for Me.” explains Yolanda.


     Yolanda uses rich colors and textures to make a tapestry of amazing art and sophistication. Since the creation of her first one, these beautiful dolls have come into high demand by doll collectors and art connoisseurs alike. Yoli’s Dolls have also become very popular gifts for those who wish to give a special, memorable and long-lasting gifts.

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