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Yoli's dolls, Ethnic persian dolls about

All Yoli's Handcrafted Persian Porcelain Dolls are unique.  The dresses and accessories are typical of how everyday people like you and I have dressed in the past in different regions of Iran.  With attention to detail, the artist has ensured that these treasures are hand-made porcelain dolls wired and padded to provide sufficient flexibility. These beauties have real hair wigs and normally weigh less than 3 pounds and can be mounted if desired on wooden plinths for display purposes or perhaps posed in a sitting position with their friends around them. Each doll comes with a brand tag, a production number, the Artist's name, number, and logo to establish the lineage, value, and authenticity of this finest of the Handcrafted Persian Porcelain Dolls available. Hand-painted in rich detail, they are accompanied in dress and costumes with a particular regional flavor unique to Iran, with headbands, dresses, and accessories all put together by hand by a skilled artisan well versed in her craft. Each Handcrafted Persian Porcelain Doll is a particularly unique and wonderful creation with no two every being alike. You can expect the fabrics and trims to vary slightly from one doll to the next. Each one of them will be carefully presented with handmade jewelry matching the outfits, the brooches and or charms, buttons on the blouses, headsets, makeup, polished nails, and so on.

  • Yoli’s Dolls Are One Of a Kind!      


  • Yoli’s Dolls are available in a variety if sizes and price points!    


  • Yoli’s Dolls Is A Great Addition Into Your Haft Sin Table!


  • Yoli’s Dolls are representatives of Iran's rich culture and heritage!


  • Yoli’s Dolls are one of a kind, handmade ethnic dolls designed and created by Yolanda.


  • Yoli's Dolls will be packaged in exquisite gift boxes and each box will contain a unique and meaningful story of Norouz and Haft Seen.


  • Yoli’s Dolls will last a lifetime and embody the rich enlightenment of ethnic tribes that have inhabited Iran's vastly beauteous region, from the mountains of Tabriz to the deserts of Zahedanand.There is no better way to awaken our children's awareness of their ancestral heritage than with these beautiful keepsake dolls.

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